Still I wait…

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I’m waiting for true love
I’m waiting for someone to notice me
I’m waiting for the opportunity to prove myself
I’m waiting to win the lottery
I’m waiting for the right time
I’m waiting for a career
I’m waiting for children
I’m waiting to buy a house
I’m waiting to share myself with others
I’m waiting till I get it right
I’m waiting to be better
I’m waiting to be the me I always I dreamed I could be
I’m waiting to see the world
I’m waiting to use my talents
I’m waiting for someone to validate me
I’m waiting to be spontaneous
I’m waiting to allow myself to be loved
I’m waiting for freedom
I’m waiting for strength
I’m waiting for discipline
I’m waiting for sexual gratification
I’m waiting for forgiveness
I’m waiting for salvation
I’m waiting to be told what to do
I’m waiting to be accepted
I’m waiting to do what I should
I’m waiting to get my life in order
I’m waiting for him to realize his mistake
I’m waiting for the world to change
I’m waiting to be perfect
I’m waiting to do my laundry
I’m waiting to pack
I’m waiting to get my eyebrows done
I’m waiting to be in New York
I’m waiting to find a job
I’m waiting to develop a plan
I’m waiting speak my peice
I’m waiting to paint my nails
I’m waiting to wash my hair
I’m waiting to finish my stories
I’m waiting to contact my friends
I’m waiting to buy that dress
I’m waiting to get my test results
I’m waiting to go to the dentist
I’m waiting to get a dog
I’m waiting to to lose weight
I’m waiting to start exercising regularly
I’m waiting to buy my Christmas gifts
I’m waiting to return phone calls
I’m waiting to be recognized
I’m waiting to be missed
I’m waiting to fix my car
I’m waiting to be kissed
I’m waiting for a brand new life
I’m waiting for the hurt to disappear
I’m waiting to buy a vacuum
I’m waiting to paint my living room
I’m waiting to have something important to say
I’m waiting for my wedding day
I’m waiting for my hair to grow out
I’m waiting to go to sleep
I’m waiting to wake up, start living my dreams

Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon

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They will tell you

That “this is not your space

Be seen, not heard from

Never forget your place”

They’ll hold you down and

Smile when cry

Attempt to make you believe

That they hold the right

To, keep you down

Push you around

Hold you down

Knock you around

But they’re wrong

So dry your tears

Put on your war paint

Forget licking off your wounds

Put on your war paint

Vindication will come soon enough

Put on your war paint

Don’t surrender your heart

Put on your war paint

Their story never changes

Only repeats the same lie

You’re not as good as they are

They alone have the right to

Decide your fate

Say who you are

But don’t believe what the tell you

Trust that you have the strength

To be your own person

Rise above the hate

Dry your tears

Put on your war paint

Forget licking off your wounds

Put on your war paint

Vindication will come soon enough

Put on your war paint

Don’t surrender your heart

Put on your war paint

No truer words were ever spoken

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Everybody in the world is seeking happiness – and there is only one sure way to find it. That is by controlling your thoughts. Happiness does not depend on outward conditions. It depends on inner conditions. It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It’s what you think about.

-  Dale Carnegie


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Words are meant to be used. People aren’t.

I try to keep this truth in mind but sometimes I forget. I forget because it’s easy to take solace in the comfort that other people are willing to give you; But sometimes it’s hard to face the truth that words can give you. And yet, sooner or later, everyone has to face the truth.

Words give things meaning, but holding them back doesn’t keep the truth from existing… doesn’t stop the truth from being real. So why not just use words and get it over with? Face the fear, and embrace the truth.

What is your truth?

My truth for the day?

Spoiler: I’m angry that I have let other peoples words, impact my decisions.



My love afairs always seem unsteady…

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How do you make a living doing something that you love?

I suppose the first step would be for someone to ask themselves what it is that they love doing, then investigate the opportunities and level of commitment you would need in order to achieve your goals. In my case, I know I love to write, but what I don’t know is, if I love it enough to make a living out of doing it.  After all there is a lot of time, energy, planning and sacrifice that goes into being a writer full time.  And if I was ever to seriously pursue writing as a career, I would need to really evaluate what my intentions are in the long run. Analyze the risks and the benfits… determine if the benefits outweigh the costs.

Honestly, I can see many risks in pursuing a career as a writer. For starters, the odds are against me, since most aspiring writers don’t end up being “Stephen King”. Additionally, this economy is really not helping the publishing industry or authors grow their consumer base. And most importantly, I don’t want to turn something I love, into a chore.

But if I want to “write” out of love of the art is it really all that important if the financial gains are substantive?

I’ve done the 9 to 5… I’ve punched a clock… pushed paper…attended meetings about nothing… just so that I can collect a paycheck at the end of the week. And in all honesty, i’ll probably have to continue to do that for a while yet… but will I ever find something that I love to do as much as I love to write?

Honestly I don’t know, but, I doubt it.

So to answer my first question, maybe the answer is to make a living by pursuing your passion in earnest. Don’t get to full of yourself, and when the chips are down remember that you doing this (whatever it is) out love and not profit. Because money comes and goes, but love, true love of your work is something that you can only achieve seldomly. Anything that you build out of love is bound to reward you…tenfold

The Crux of It.

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Stillness is the move

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I have a writers spirit. I know I do.

Everyday it calls to me and begs me to write something, anything, everything… just get it all out! Some days the words come easy, and other days it’s a really struggle to channel that spirit into something tangible. On those days I become so critical of myself.  I find fault with just about everything that I do, and that critics’ voice only serves to drown out my writers spirit even more.

But lately I have been catching my inner critic. Consciously, registering every time it takes over me. The more conscious I become of my inner critic, the easier it is for me to tune it out. And in turn, my writers spirit thanks me every time I stop my inner critic from pushing it around.

So this is just a reminder to myself, and anyone who might need it: When it comes to writing stillness is the move.

Don’t push so hard.

Don’t feel the need to be critical.

Just let it out.

Embrace the creative process.

It will reward you.



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